Published on Jul 14, 2022
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MBA Exams to Apply?
MBA Exams to Apply?

Hi Aspirants,
This blog is to inform you of all the entrance exams you must take. Your journey to your exams will start in October. The very first exam that
you have to give is not CAT. The first exam is NMAT, do the preparation intensive, which not only covers the CAT but all the 
other exams like SNAP, NMAT, XAT, IIFT, etc. A small suggestion: please do not save money on education. NMAT is the exam that is 
going to be held in October. There are only 2.5 months left until the NMAT exam. This year, approximately 191 CATKing students were sitting in Narsee Monjee, please do listen to Anisha Mam, your NMAT guide for the exam. She will provide you with all the resources,
and timetable according to the batch. The cost is 2300 per attempt for NMAT and there are 3 attempts. Our suggestion is to give at least 
2 exams, as NMAT is the adaptive exam. If the student is weak, the questions in the exams will be based on your knowledge.
The questions will go accordingly. You can easily score 200 on the NMAT exam. There are many more colleges that take the same 
After the NMAT exam in November, you will be giving the CAT exam. November 27 is the date for your CAT exam. It is the most 
standard exam and in 2022, the exam setter for CAT will be IIM Bangalore. The number of questions is dependent upon time. If the exam is
For 2 hours, the number of questions is approximately 66, while if the time is extended to 3 hours, there will be 100 questions including all the 
3 sections. The range is between 66 and 100 questions. The cost of this exam is 2200 rupees for general and SC-ST. The price is 
1100 only.
In December, on December 4, there will be another exam, which is the IIFT. The IIFT exams include GK questions. The cost for this exam is :
The general fee is Rs. 2500, and the SC/ST fee is Rs. 1,000. After this exam on December 10, the exam name is MICA. MICA is a good college for marketing. The cost for this exam is 2100 and there is less weightage than CAT. The average package of this college is 19 lakhs. 
There are 54% who are non-engineers in the college. On December 18, you will be giving the SNAP 1 exam.
One has 60 minutes and must attempt 60 questions. The cost for this exam is 1950 where you can give the same exam 2 times.
Then it comes to January; on January 6, you are going to give the XAT exam. This exam costs 1800, and it is a difficult exam.
It includes a new section, which is decision-making. Approximately 40 students from CATKing are currently sitting in XLRI. Following this exam on January 8th, is SNAP 2, and SNAP 3 is on January 15. After the SNAP exam comes the MICAT, and the cost of this exam is 2100. 
The TISSNET exam is around mid-January, which is slightly easier as compared to others. This exam also comes with a GK section.
Now it comes to February, in which there is no exam, but you will be getting calls to form different collages for your GDPI based on 
your score. On March 26, there will be an exam which is CMAT, which is also a slightly easy exam, and GK will also come in the 
same exam. There were 4 sections, 25 per question. SRCC is the exam that is going to be held in March. The cost of this exam is 
2500 for general and Rs. 1500 is for SC ST. At the end of March, you will be giving CET, whose cost is Rs. 1000 for general.
For the GK section, you must read the TOI, a newspaper, which covers all the current affairs and business news, which is not that hard.