Published on Jul 25, 2022
CAT 2022 Discussions

Hello everyone!!!

This is a post for students who want to take the CAT exam next year and want to start studying early to gain a competitive advantage. Today we are going to discuss the strategies of how and when to start for CAT 2023. So, the very first piece of advice from our side is to make this exam your priority. Set your goal and prepare with the dedication, hard work, and aim that you will be going to the top colleges. So, the journey of your preparation will start from the "MUST DO THINGS," which includes reading comprehension. If you want to do something good in your life, then start reading English, which includes your reading comprehension, novels, and articles. In today’s era, if you want to work globally and want to make global connections, then you must be strong in English. After English, the second and most important thing is aptitude. Nowadays, many companies will take your aptitude test as a test for knowledge and logic.  College students must begin preparing for the CAT exam in their second-to-last year of college, which states that you are eligible for the CAT exam when you are in your final year, but you must begin preparing for it in your second-to-last year. Begin raising your graduation scores above 7. Focus on your profile building as this is a must for cracking the TOP Collages. Participate in internships and be a part of any department or group at your college. Start working in NGOs, which will upgrade your profile. Make a habit of reading as much as you can. Start reading the newspaper, read the business news, sports news, etc. Before going to sleep, you must read for 30 minutes. Do the certification courses. The CAT exam syllabus last year had 66 total questions, which included 24 from the VARC section, 20 from the DI-LR section, and the rest, 22 from the Quant’s section. To score 99%ile in CAT, you only need to bring 50% marks, whereas for 90%ile, you only need to bring 33% marks. To know the total cost of your MBA entrance exam, here is the link for all the exams, including non-CAT exams:   

For your preparation, you have 2 options. First, you can go with self-study, where you can go with Arun Sharma Books for CAT, and there are many such books which are available on the market. Or you can also join any of the coaching which will give you the correct guidance and many tricks that are going to help in your exam. The CAT exam comes in 3 sections, which are Quants, which include Numbers, Arithmetic, Geometric, Algebra, and Modern Math; the second is Verbal Ability, which includes Reading Comprehension, Para Jumbles, and Para Summary; and the last is DI-LR, which includes Types or Graphical Questions and Logical Questions. Study plan for those taking the CAT in 2023: You have almost 1.5 years to create a study plan, which you must strictly adhere to.Now come to FMS College, whose college fees are approx. 2 lakhs. The average package for this college is Rs. 30 lakhs. So please do not lose your dedication, keep on doing hard work and crack CAT! For starting the CAT preparation from now, there is a sufficient time period for you. For students who are already enrolled in CATKing, there is a full strategic dashboard for you where you are getting a complete structured course for you, where you are getting daily live classes which you have to take regularly, and then you are getting all the concept builder videos which cover all the topics from all the sections which come in CAT. With this, you are getting CATKing Bibles, which are specially designed according to level of difficulty. You are also getting access to section-wise test series and actual CAT Mocks. In the CATKing Dashboard, you can access other exams such as NMAT, CET, SNAP, and others, where you can give mock exams designed for the various exams.What you must do is just attend all the daily live classes. After attending the live classes, we recommend you watch the concept builder videos, which will clear all your doubts, and after that, start solving the LOD 1 CATKing E-Book and finish all the LOD 1 and LOD 2 CATKing Bibles. The 40-day challenge is ideal for you because you can complete it 2-3 times to clear all your doubts, and then return to LOD 2 to continue practicing.You only have to give 1 hour daily to the CATKing and 1 hour for self-study. That will be enough for the preparation to target the 2023 CAT. To know more about the preparation strategy, this video will be helpful to you: