Published on Oct 25, 2022
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CAT prep strategy for the next 30 days
CAT prep strategy for the next 30 days

CAT preparation strategy for the next 30 days


Hello to all the aspirants. As we all know, there are only 30 days left for the CAT exam. It is the peak time for all of us. Here we have made a complete roadmap for you all. We have made the best strategy for you all. You can crack TOP IIM in the upcoming 30 days. The only thing needed is dedication and hard work .

There are approximately 2.5 lakh people registered for the CAT exam, with approximately 20-30 thousand students abandoning their preparation for the exam.The reason behind it is demotivation, and the only thing you can fight with is belief in yourself. Be positive and motivated.



You all can consider the CAT book recommended by the mentors. Make certain that the book you are referring to contains 100 Arithmetic Sums from previous CAT papers.If you are a CATKing student, you can also refer to 100 must-do quants questions. CATKing dashboards contain the best CATKing Bibles, where you can find some of  best questions from there also. We suggest you make notes of all the topics that will help you in the last days of your exam preparation. People who have not made their formula book till date, we request you all to go through all the topics and make a formula book for you. With that, you must also make your own vocabulary book that contains a minimum of 1000 vocabulary words. For DILR sections, you can make 20–25 questions for both DI and LR from different topics that will help you to revise the sections and concepts.

You all must read at least one Aeon essay daily and make a habit of reading that will help you increase your reading speed and understanding as well.



All the students are requested to give at least 15 mocks from the date and give the sectional mock as well . CATKing provides you with the complete CAT Mock Analysis video, which you can refer to. Your work is to give a real CATKing Mock and, after giving the mock, a person from a top B School will solve the whole mock with you, where you can also find the correct way to attempt a mock and how to pick the correct question. After that video, you will get the best strategy video for scoring 90-99.9% ile. After that, you will be getting a complete solution of the mock test from where you can find the answers to all the mock questions.

You must do a weekly analysis of your performance. Do an analysis of all your learning and mistakes. Find the reasons why you could not score well in the mock test. Revise all the topics, concepts, formulas, etc.


30 Day Goals

Pick a Quant topic every week (Arithmetic, Number System, etc.) and revise all the formulas and concepts. Revise the DILR section every week. For the VARC, choose a Quants topic and excel at it, revising all concepts on the same topic and making a separate note for that topic.Solve the LOD 2 CATKing Bible from the Dashboard and clear all your doubts. And do the same for the DILR section. For VARC, you all have to read at least one Aeon essay daily. With that, you can go for the 100 must-solve RC from the CATKing Dashboard .


Work hard , stay positive, and be motivated.

All the best.

CATking Family