Can average students get into FMS?
Published on Aug. 5, 2022, 3:09 p.m.

This article is for those students who want to get into FMS College. We are going to discuss the selection criteria, strategy, and profile to get into the FMS. The very first thing to discuss is the complete journey to cracking FMS.
FMS is in Delhi, also known as "The Red Brick", as the infrastructure of the college is made with red bricks. The fees for a two-year MBA programme are around 2 lakhs, while the average pay for an internship is around 2.62 lakhs, and the highest stipend for an internship is around 5 lakhs. And the average placement from the same college has gone up to 58 lakhs, and the average placement is 32 lakhs approx.
Average student with 60% graduation, 77 in class 10th, 66 in class 12th, or anyone with gap years and graduation backlogs. Can these students get into the FMS? and the answer is yes. We cannot deny that the profile is important, but CAT scores are required to get into a good B-School. The percentile required to get into the FMS is 99+. You have to score 99+ percentile in the CAT and have to be more focused on VARC as the weightage of VARC is quite higher in the FMS . If your English is not good enough, then please focus on your English learning skills. The conclusion so far is that students who want to get into FMS should focus more on the VARC section.
In the first level of interviews, your 10th and 12th marks are not counted. FMS gives 2000 calls every year, from which 300 people are selected. Graduation marks are not focused too much on the selection.
The very first thing is that no student is an average student. If you have a bad profile, be more focused on CAT. Have faith in yourself. Start your preparation with reading. Read as much as you can because reading will help you improve your vocabulary and make you good at VARC. Students must be more focused on their strengths; see in which section you are strong and stay focused to make that better. Do not be afraid of your weaknesses, so keep improving them. 25% of your CAT is made up of RCs, so focus on RCs too.
You must regularly give the mocks as they not only tell you about your scores but also which sections you are weak in and on which topics you must be more focused. CATKing provides you with the actual CAT mock along with the analysis of the mocks, where someone from IIM will solve that complete mock with you. They will give the strategy of how to give the exam. Give at least one mock every week.
Strategy for the Next 4 Months
You have 120 days left from the CAT exam, which is really enough for the CAT preparation. At the start of 1 month, you have to study 2 hours daily , where you have to attend the live lectures and also study the study materials provided to you by CATKing. So start solving the LOD 1 and LOD 2 CATKing Bibles and give the sectional mocks regularly. Then in the month of October, you have to study for 4 hours, and for the month of November, study at least 5 hours . Do solve the old CAT papers regularly. So, this is all about cracking CAT and getting into the FMS. Stay positive and work hard.