Are 7 months enough for CAT?
Published on May 2, 2022, 11:44 p.m.

Are 7 months enough for CAT

  • Set your goal and strive for it. Decide which college you have to go.
  • No, collect your resources quickly. Do not keep it pending.
  • By May, give a mock compulsory, preferably CAT actual paper. Give a mock after minimum 1- 1.5 months of preparation (40 days’ challenge), as you will know where you stand.
  • In a week, assign days for each section as a routine as to what to study on which day. Your objective should be to make 1 section excellent i.e. 99.99 %ile in 1 section.
  • RC for starters, start with Aeon Ideas, then Aeon Essays and then Aeon Psyche. This is a game changer but only if you read 45mins daily mindfully. After this, read Smithsonian, Guardian, Aldaily, NY times, The Atlantic. These are resources from which CAT paper is set. Apart from the exams perspective, reading daily will enhance your personality manifolds.
  • For QA, there will be 22 questions coming from QA in which 10-11 questions will be from Arithmetic. If you are a noob in this section, then have a scavenger mindset in which you just have to focus on easy question and kill them. While preparing, do not leave any topic. Prepare more or focus more on difficult topics.
  • In DILR, here first make out what are you good at, DI or LR? If your DI is not good, then switch to LR and vice versa. Similarly, if you are not good at QA, then switch to VARC and vice versa. Balance things out for overall performance optimization.

Timetable for CAT

On a daily basis, cover topic from two sections atleast, example




Quantitative Ability

Data Interpretation

Verbal Ability

Data Interpretation

Verbal Ability

Quantitative Ability


Here, in 3 days, you are covering everything atleast twice. You need to do this on weekdays repeatedly and then on weekends, Revise everything, Consolidate and give a mock. Give a mock on Saturday preferably then analyze the same on Sunday.

Work-ex individuals are recommended to study 1 hour before going to office and 1 hour after coming from office daily.

Freshers have plenty of time to study. They must target solving atleast 20 questions each day.

Happy Learning! 

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