7 mistakes to avoid that every CAT taker does
Published on May 2, 2022, 11:43 p.m.

CAT preparation from May

7 mistakes to avoid that every CAT taker does-

  • Missing VPAR. As CAT exam is a speed based exam, this topic comes under your foundation for QA and getting well versed with your basics will speed up your calculation.
  • Do not mix anything with Arithmetic. It is the most important topic for QA as it consists of 50% of the paper so practise enough of it. Try to finish 1 topic every week.
  • Not focusing on Data Interpretation. DI consists of 20questions from the paper so dedicate 1 full week to solve DI questions only. In this, it is recommended to give final attention to the tough topics like Games & Tournaments. According to paper pattern, 4 sets of 5 questions each will be asked in which 1 set always comes easy, you need to identify that set and kill it. 1 correct set in DI will fetch you 80 %ile.
  • Not focusing enough on VARC. Many elite b-schools like FMS gives 40% weightage on VARC, hence, many toppers miss their chance in these b-schools just because of VARC section in CAT. This section I a boon for the non-engineers as they can only beat the engineers through this section. We recommend to take up our 40days challenge and practise 5 RC, Para Jumbles, Para Summaries daily for better grip. Apart from this learn atleast 10-15 words for vocabulary enhancement.
  • Students overwhelm themselves with syllabus. Instead plan in iterations. Your initial target for now should only to solve easy questions. Gradually, up your game with patience.
  • Not challenging yourself. Students tend to spend weeks on 1 topic only. You need to plan each topic according to their weightage in the paper i.e. frequency of occurrence, level of difficulty etc. for proper optimization in your performance. This will not come unless you challenge yourself. We recommend once you are done with your 1st 40 Days challenge through CATKing, then sit with IIT/NIT students batch and study with stud students as they will teach better and efficient ways to solve the same questions. You will see yourself getting better.
  • Not using Dashboard. For the best results, you need to be thorough with the dashboard provided to you by CATKing. Set a target to attend all the previous live lectures and finish it up till June/July. Start with LOD1 recorded lectures, shortcut videos then move to LOD2 of the same till LOD3.

Happy Learning! 

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